My name is Siena, I'm a ceramicist in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


I make functional ceramics such as coffee mugs and planters, and occasional commissions.  Work is sold through my online shop, at The Tall Tulip, and Adorn Co. in downtown Steamboat, unless stated otherwise.  If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, but it isn’t in stock, check out my Instagram @Sienas-Studio where you will be notified of upcoming web-shop updates and in person sales. You can also learn more about my process + current works in progress there.

I rediscovered pottery, after learning as a child, in October of 2019 when I took an 8 week class with Julie Anderson at Warehome Studios.

Once I started I couldn’t stop. I’ve spent my time since, obsessing, learning, and practicing as much as I can. Not only do I love ceramics in physicality, but I also love the opportunity to create a space for myself that is peaceful, contemplative, and simple, all motifs that appear in my work. Ceramics have also balanced me- as a nostalgist, I’m humbled by the fragility of this craft. As an idealist, i’m grounded by clays’ unpretentiousness (its fancy mud, after all). My head is usually in the clouds, and creating forces me to pay attention. In each piece of my work, i’m driven to balance functionality and beauty as well as intricacy and simplicity. I strive to create ceramics that you enjoy interacting with, that perform beautifully, and enrich their surroundings. I value my connection with each piece I create, so I don’t use commercial scale techniques including slip casting and pre-made molds.

One of the earliest lessons that I learned as a ceramicist is to not become too attached. Pieces flop on the wheel. Glazes don’t come out as you thought they might. Pieces crack in the kiln or they are dropped and shattered. Understanding this has allowed me to grow as an artist, as I have come to understand that not everything I create is meant to be, and that failure is just another opportunity to learn.

I am currently Studio Assistant to Julie Anderson at Warehouse Studios in Steamboat Springs, CO. She has taught me most everything I know about ceramics. I am heavily inspired by her seemingly perfect pieces, incredible work ethic, and drive to build a ceramics community here in Steamboat.

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